FAQ - General

Jody provides full-stack web development, design, and consultation services. He specializes in creating bespoke websites and responsive web applications, offering AI solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, comprehensive web maintenance services, and expert consultation in website and software development.

Jody employs the STREAM method, comprising six vital factors: a strategically integrated plan, top-down commitment, right people/right skills, effective monitoring and measurement, agile governance mindset, and modular business-led tech and data. This approach ensures comprehensive planning, execution, and monitoring for project success.

With over 25 years of experience, Jody is a seasoned full-stack developer, AI consultant, and software engineer. He has worked on numerous projects and brands, providing tailored web development and consultation services.

Yes, Jody offers AI solutions and consultation. He can guide through AI consultation, create custom web applications with OpenAI plugins, and provide cutting-edge AI tools to help businesses grow.

The key factors include a strategically integrated plan, top-down commitment, the right people with the right skills, effective monitoring and measurement, an agile governance mindset, and modular business-led tech and data.

Potential clients can initiate a conversation with Jody for a free consultation and friendly advice. For further discussions, let's pick a time to talk on my calendar or call me at 754-800-4695.

Jody provides a wide range of web maintenance services including website updates, security scans, performance optimization, and more to ensure websites are up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

Jody has worked on a variety of projects including web apps, e-commerce sites, interactive advertisements, AI art and animation, and more. His portfolio showcases a range of skills in different aspects of web development and design. Take a look at his latest projects.

FAQ - How it works

The process begins with an initial proposal where Jody meets with the client to understand their business goals, website needs, and budget, followed by developing a proposal outlining the project's scope, timeline, and cost.

After reviewing the initial proposal, Jody works with the client to make any necessary revisions, ensuring the proposal perfectly fits the client's needs and budget.

Once the proposal is approved, an initial milestone payment is required to commence the project, which is typically divided into three milestones.

Jody sends a new project questionnaire to the client to gather detailed information about their website and branding requirements, including target audience, content, and functionality.

The contract outlines the terms of engagement, such as scope of work, timeline, payment schedule, and dispute resolution process.

Jody develops a detailed project management plan that outlines all tasks involved in building the website, including estimated time and cost for each task.

The creative brief outlines the client's vision for the website, including overall look and feel, branding, and specific features and functionality.

If the client has a brand style guide, it's used to ensure consistency with overall branding. Jody can also create a brand style guide and a logo if needed.

A shared cloud folder is created for exchanging all website-related assets like images, videos, and documents, accessible 24/7 by the client.

Jody provides a live progress charts dashboard for tracking the project, updating as tasks are completed, and is readily available for communication via various channels.

Regular feedback is requested from clients, with two revisions offered for each milestone to ensure client satisfaction with the project's progress.

Jody is flexible in managing changes to the scope of work, working with the client to assess impacts and develop revised timelines and budgets as needed.

Launch involves testing the website on all major browsers and devices, submitting it to search engines, and providing client training for website management.

Jody offers one month of dedicated support post-launch, covering bug fixes, questions, and minor updates, with additional paid support options available.
“Working with Jody was a fantastic experience. He's knowledgeable, professional, and truly cares about his clients. We're thrilled with the results he delivered for us!” - Juliet Zavala
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